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About the "Packaged Room Concept".....

The total turnkey packaged room concept has been successfully developed and implemented over the past several years. Under the leadership of the GSA National Furniture Center, customers are now able to order complete packaged rooms, including furniture, window treatments, bed and floor coverings, art work, artificial plants, and a host of other products and services from a single source.

One Call - One Vendor - One Purchase Order - No Red Tape

The benefits of this innovative program are enjoyed by numerous customers worldwide. They are able to place one order and receive one invoice for an entire furnishings project, including all types of living spaces, dorm and bed rooms, offices, classrooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms. The cost and burden of placing and administering multiple orders are eliminated. And a full range of services, including installation, warehousing, staging, site preparation, clean up, inspection and ancillary services are available from a single source.

All TWR products and services, together with complete coordinated furnishings packages, are available from the package room contracts of our industry leading partners.

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