Custom Hand Draw System

  • Stiffener is sewn and grommeted to drapery overlap
  • Stiffener socket is placed over master arm
  • Baton is attached by a screw through the eyelet and into the master arm
  • 92900 tooling with 94147 eyelet die required to grommet drapery

Designed for a variety of commercial and institutional applications. Ideal for motels, hotels, dormitories, etc, where drapery and rod wear present special maintenance problems and costs. Puts baton in view of user. No hidden cords. Just push or pull baton to open and close draperies. Multi-wheel masters will take torque in any direction. Can be used with conventional pleated, Accordia-Fold and Ripplefold heading systems.

Pinch Pleats

  • Can be used with most track systems
  • Headings can be suspended under the track or over the face of it
  • Most familiar of the heading systems
  • Can be tied back for effect

Familiar pinch-pleated draperies are attached to slide carriers with slip-in or pin-on hooks. Click here to view a sampling of the hardware that is used with these draperies. RECOMMENDATIONS: Drapery headings can be suspended under the track or over the face of it.


  • Headings are suspended under track
  • Draperies easily snap on and off carriers
  • Snap tape on heading controls pleat depth
  • Stackback is less than any other drapery system

Precise accordion-like pleats offer a tailored look on both sides of the window. Snap tape sewn to heading controls drapery fullness and pleat depth. Ideal for commercial or residential installations. RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommended for tight areas where minimum stackback space is required. Ideal for narrow windows or window walls. Precise tailored appearance. NOTE: When drapery pins can cause a safety hazard, use snap systems Ripplefold, Accordia-Fold, or Archifold.


  • Panels can be pressed flat, yet fall into folds.
  • Headings are suspended under the track.
  • Stackback space is less than conventional draperies.
  • No hooks or pins.
  • Draperies easily snap on and off.

Soft ripple-like folds flow smoothly from one end of the track to the other. The effect is gently tailored-- suitable for commercial or residential installations. Spaced carriers control drapery fullness.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommended where draperies require frequent launderings, such as hospitals and institutions. Draperies have uniform ripple-like appearance inside and outside.

NOTE: When drapery pins can cause a safety hazard, use snap systems Ripplefold, Accordia-Fold, or Archifold.


  • Flat Panel Laundering... inexpensive and convenient, unsnaps easily for cleaning.
  • Separate Drapery and Liner... standardizes exterior, eliminates uneven shrinkage problems, and allows independent panel replacement.
  • Safety Drapery Release... the snap tape releases from the linkage when pulled excessively which eliminates torn headings and/or rod failure.
  • Quick Release Linkage... linkage slides out of the carriers to take down drapery panels without scattering dust and germs.

Thermo-fold offers a designer more appeal today than ever before, by providing architecturally clean, vertical lines at the window. Introduced 21 years ago, Thermo-fold continues to offer elegance along with unexcelled performance, year after year, in thousands of office buildings, hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes and residences.