On The Right Track® Products


Did you know that cubicle curtains are a leading vector for infection transmission? Unwashed cubicle curtains harbor dangerous and life threatening bacteria. 



On The Right Track cubicle curtains are virtually silent and patients remain totally undisturbed. 


Many facilities now routinely exchange the leading OTRT cubicle curtain panel with every patient admission.

Not so subtle improvements to the overall patient experience that can be directly linked to future reimbursements and post-hospital stay questionnaires.

On The Right Track® Cubicle Curtains

On The Right Track® is uniquely different.  Our curtains glide silently along our patented rail system and curtain exchanges can be managed in less than one minute while standing safely on the ground. 

The Hand Shield

Invented and patented by and EVS Director, the Hand Shield can significantly reduce the likelihood of infection transmission.