Draperies & Curtains


TWR manufactures all styles of custom draperies including pinch pleated, ripple-fold, accordia-fold and Thermo-Fold. Display Products

Cubicle Curtains

Our Healthcurtain is the finest quality cubicle curtain available in today's contract market. It features the MatchStrip header, which frames the open mesh in fabric matching the body of the curtain. Rustproof grommets are placed six inches on center and double reinforced in matching fabric. Healthcurtain is available in a wide variety of designer fabrics and price options. They are fully washable, comply with the latest state, federal and Veterans Administration standards for fire retardancy and openess, and are guaranteed to maintain dimensional stability for the life of the curtain. Display Products

Stage Curtains


TWR manufactures stage curtains for theaters, school auditoriums and officers clubs. Our stage curtains are custom fabricated, and feature flame retardant fabrics and linings. Display Products

Energy & Cost Saving Window Treatments

TWR’s energy efficient products can:

  • Enhance Energy Efficiency Rebates and Tax Credits
  • Tap in to Stimulus Funds
  • Help make government buildings and schools more efficient without major renovations and cost

In addition, insulating buildings by using energy efficient draperies, solar shades, and other window covering products will help:

  • Reduce operating cost of the building
  • Improve working conditions for occupants
  • Pay for themselves by saving money