Energy & Cost Saving Window Treatments

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  • TWR’s energy efficient products can:
  • Enhance Energy Efficiency Rebates and Tax Credits
  • Tap in to Stimulus Funds
  • Help make government buildings and schools more efficient without major renovations and cost

In addition, insulating buildings by using energy efficient draperies, solar shades, and other window covering products will help:

  • Reduce operating cost of the building
  • Improve working conditions for occupants
  • Pay for themselves by saving money


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US Department of Energy supports use of Window Draperies as a tool to achieve Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

  • A drapery’s ability to reduce heat loss and gain depends on several factors, including fabric type (open weave or closed) and color. 
  • In the summer during the day, closed draperies with a white liner have been found to reduce heat gains by 33%.
  • When drawn during cold weather, most conventional draperies can reduce heat loss from a warm room by 10%.

TWR can help show you cost / savings ratios for our energy saving products, and can provide studies done by Manhattan College and University of Florida to support these facts.

We have window covering products that have been certified as a “Green Product” by the General Services Administration.